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Pre-Construction Termite Control
Method of preventing termite attack which is carried out before the building is ready to be inhabited.
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Post-Construction Termite Control
This treatment is an anti-termite method for your building that is ready to be inhabited.
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Anti-Termite Piping System
Anti-termite treatment by planting PVC pipes for chemical distribution into the ground around the building foundation.
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Anti-Termite Baiting System
This method is one of the most effective methods to eradicate the entire termite colony.
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Professional Anti-Termite Services

Anti Termite Service

Fumida is an Anti-Termite Services company whose mission is to set new quality standards in the pest control industry. With more than 10 years of experience, Fumida is present as a leading pest management company in Singapore with rapidly developing technology and methods, reaching commercial and residential.

We will always maintain your security and comfort by always carrying out our mission to protect your environment from pests.

  • Implement pest prevention
  • Exterminate pests with environmentally friendly methods
  • Solution and Advice for building owner that lead to pest-free environtmet.





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To prevent or eliminate termites, it requires the right methods and steps so that the termite colony is terminated and will not be able to reinvest your building.

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Do You Know?

  • Termites are pests that can cause huge losses to your property

  • Termites can eat files, kitchen sets, chairs, books, frames, tables, and all your things made of wood

  • Termites are born deaf, blind and mute, but termites can build a large kingdom in your building.

  • The termite queen is very large with a length reaching 11 cm, while the termite king is only 2 cm. The termite warrior who guards the queen is ± 1 cm in length.


what you can't see can destroy your property
Drywood Termites (The Dangerous Intruders)
  • Pest Management
  • January 25, 2017
  • Singapore
Drywood termites are termites that live in wood that has less moisture and has nothing to do with the soil. They form nests in wooden structures that they control, such as door frames and furniture. Living in wood that has no contact with water, drywood termites have the ability to metabolize water from the wood they eat, absorb and reabsorb water from their feces. Dry wood termite colonies are very small compared to termite soil colonies.
Subterranean Termites (The Danger Underground)
  • Pest Management
  • January 25, 2017
  • Singapore
Termites are very damaging insect pests in urban environments that eat cellulose found in wood. Termites are generally categorized into three groups: drywood termites, dampwood termites, and subterranean termite. There are several species of subterranean termites known as pests, Macrotermes sp., Coptotermes sp., Microcerotermes sp.,  And Coptotermes sp. are the most destructive type in Singapore because of they Infest buildings and structures. They nest underground and depend on the soil for moisture. They built protection tubes to avoid dehydration during the process of finding cellulose above ground level.

Termite Colony

The Division Of The Termite Caste

Professional Anti-Termite Services

We Protect You Throughout Singapore

We get rid of termites and their paths that can damage your property.

In Singapore, the activity of termites (white ants) is generally not detected without professional supervision. In the initial stages of infestation, termites make the activity of destroying wood and then they are hidden under the floor, behind walls, or inside the wood. Termite infestation are common in Singapore because the humid environment provides the best environment for these white ants to establish their kingdom. Fumida’s mission is to offer security and comfort to our clients when it comes to detecting termites and control (them) at affordable prices.

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Professional Vs DIY Pest Control


Health and safety risk

Professional pest control services are trained and certified to handle pests using chemicals that can potentially harm the pets in your home! If you control your own pests, you run the risk of harming yourself or the environment with the chemicals you use to kill pests.


Lack of monitoring and reporting

Effective pest control requires weekly or monthly follow-up monitoring to ensure that the methods used show positive results. If you control your own pests, it is very likely that you will not re-visit where you put bait and glue boards to trap rat pests in your home.


Does not solve the source of the problem

Using a simple method that can be done alone (DIY) by using a cockroach spray has limitations for adequate results. Hidden areas and areas where pests are difficult to reach may also be overlooked from your view.


It is possible that the pest will reinvest

With the DIY method, it is possible to re-issue the same pest problem even greater than before in a short time, if you fail to resolve the pest problem directly from the source of the problem.


Customer Say What
Samuel Zylgwyn
Indonesian Artist
I want to say thank you to FUMIDA because I use the services of Fumida to eradicate pests and termites that are in my house, thank you Fumida
Febri Hardiansyah
CEO of the Oil Shop Company
The technicians are very professional and disciplined and all work is in line with my expectations. thank you Fumida now my house is free from termites
Max Burgess
They work deftly, any gaps where there are pests will be swept clean quickly and safely. Thank you, Fumida
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