Subterranean Termites (The Danger Underground)

Subterranean Termites (The Danger Underground)

  • Pest Management
  • January 25, 2017
  • Singapore

Termite (Underground)

Termites are very damaging insect pests in urban environments that eat cellulose found in wood. Termites are generally categorized into three groups: drywood termites, dampwood termites, and subterranean termite. There are several species of subterranean termites known as pests, Macrotermes sp., Coptotermes sp., Microcerotermes sp.,  And Coptotermes sp. are the most destructive type in Singapore because of they Infest buildings and structures. They nest underground and depend on the soil for moisture. They built protection tubes to avoid dehydration during the process of finding cellulose above ground level.

Sign of Infestation

  • Presence of mud tube tunnels (ceiling, built-in cabinet, door frame, and wooden floor)
  • Damage to wooden structures
  • Click sounds produced by Soldier termites on wooden structures

Causes of termite infestation

  • The presence of water or steam sources

What if not treated on time?

  • Severe damage to the entire building / structure
  • Causes the structure to not live until expensive repairs are made

Type of Treatment

  • Full Treatment by Injecting Chemical

Treatment Approach

  • Visual inspection of potential site attacks
  • Conduct a thorough inspection using the latest technological equipment (Thermal Imaging Camera) to find subterranean termites
  • Identification of termite species
  • Recommend effective treatment for the attack
  • Spot maintenance using above-ground bait systems or with conventional dusting methods
  • For preventive care, we can provide Anti-Termite Corrective Care / Rodding / Soil Care
  • After treatment, sanitation recommendations and structural improvements to minimize prevention of future pest attacks

Preventive measure

  • Remove unnecessary cellulose-based materials (e.g. Wood, firewood, dead trees, tree stumps, etc.)
  • Remove all sources of water or moisture (e.g., Repair and repair water leaks)
  • Install the screen in the attic and foundation to prevent the entry of alate into place
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