Anti-Termite Baiting System

Anti-Termite Baiting System

One way to destroy termites is to use a chemical that contains the active compound Hexaflumoron. If Hexaflumoron is eaten by termites then 8 weeks later the termites will change their skin, old skin will break and the new skin will not be able to form again. After changing the termite’s skin will experience dehydration or dryness and die.

The termite control pattern with this system is called bait system. This termite bait system uses lethal substances that are not recognized by termites and are environmentally friendly. In addition to not polluting the environment, the bait system is also safer for the interior because it does not spread scents and does not damage the floor or walls because it does not need to be drilled.

The advantage of the bait system

Baiting system is one of the effective methods to eradicate termites in their colonies. With a system that does not involve spraying poison, this method is very safe for the environment.

  • Does not damage the beauty of the floor
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • The process is fast and only needs to be monitored a few months later

Stages of Treatment of Bait System

Before the termite bait is installed, search for an active termite path.
Make excavations around the building to install bait outside
Put the bait in on the wall that has detected an active termite path

The entire process of working on an anti-termite bait system must be carried out by professionals who already have a lot of experience about termites. If the bait is not installed at the correct point, then termites will not eat the bait that has been installed.

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