Post-Construction Termite Control

Post-construction Anti-termite treatment is a method of termite control that is carried out on a building ready for habitation or a residence that has been occupied. This method is carried out when these pest intruders attack through surface soil and spread throughout the building to get food. Termites will rise from the ground and cause damage to all wood furniture, doors, wood frames, and others.

Anti-termite post-construction in buildings that have been attacked by termites is the right step in preventing damage to your building. If the termites are allowed to attack continuously throughout the year, it is not impossible that you have to rebuild your building.

The advantages of Anti-Termite Post-Construction

Post-construction termite control can be done after the building is finished and ready to be inhabited or even if the building is already occupied, this method is still workable. The floor will be slightly perforated with a drill to inject chemicals and will be covered again with almost the same condition when before being perforated.

  • The termite path to be fortified is clearly visible
  • The point to be injected is more affordable
  • Cleaner and neater workmanship

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Stages

The first stage of a thorough inspection of buildings affected by termites. This is important to determine the point and path of termite attack, and to determine the use of termite control methods in the building.
The second step is to make a hole in the surface of the floor using a drill to inject anti-termite chemicals based on a predetermined location.
Inject anti-termite chemicals that aim to fortify buildings from termites that attack your building.
Baiting will be done if the results of the survey must be installed termite bait in the building. The installation of bait outside and bait inside can kill the colony as a whole.

Non-repellent / slow action chemical termitisides are very effective if they are used to kill termites gradually by attacking their nervous system. When entering a soil that has been given chemical, termites will bring active termiticide to their colonies. Over the following days, other colonies will be affected as a result of coming into contact with those affected by the chemical. The result is that the entire colony will be discharged dominoes.

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