Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment is a method to protect buildings / houses from termite attacks that can occur in the future. This method is carried out when the building is being built or when new construction is being started. You can protect your valuable buildings by contacting us at 0853 – 9823 – 2149.

Advantages of Pre-Construction Systems

The Pre-Construction Method can protect buildings from termite attack since it was first built. Here we show some results using the Anti-Termite Pre-Construction method:

  • No need to drill on the building floor
  • The treatment process does not interfere with your activities
  • Maximum protection due to spraying can be done in all areas

Stages of Anti-Termite Pre-Construction Treatment

Spraying is done in the following places:
- Basic foundation
- Foundation walls
- Land that is used to fill the foundation
Spraying is done in the following places:
- Ground Floor Before Floor Work Installation
- Ground Floor After Scraping
- Floor Outside the Building with a Minimum Distance of 1 Meter from the Building
Spraying Is Done On:
- Frames made of wood
- Ceiling Made of Wood
- Roof Truss Made Of Wood

With these 3 stages of spraying we provide Chemical fortress or commonly called chemical barrier which aims to protect buildings from termite attack by using chemicals on the surface of the ground so as to prevent termites from rising into the house through the layers of soil on your building.

Job Guarantee (WARRANTY)

Fumida will provide a WARRANTY or job guarantee stated in the guarantee certificate. We will guard your building from harmful termite attacks.

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