Drywood Termites (The Dangerous Intruders)

Drywood Termites (The Dangerous Intruders)

  • Pest Management
  • January 25, 2017
  • Singapore

Termites (DryWood)

Drywood termites are termites that live in wood that has less moisture and has nothing to do with the soil. They form nests in wooden structures that they control, such as door frames and furniture. Living in wood that has no contact with water, drywood termites have the ability to metabolize water from the wood they eat, absorb and reabsorb water from their feces. Dry wood termite colonies are very small compared to termite soil colonies.

Sign Of Infestation

  • Dropping small (1mm) stool pellets
  • Damage to wooden structures

What if not treated on time?

  • Severe damage to furniture/household items

Type of Treatment

  • Full Treatment by injecting the chemical into the ground near the foundation

Preventive measure

  • Remove unnecessary cellulose-based materials (e.g. Wood, firewood, dead trees, tree stumps, etc.)
  • Install the screen in the attic and foundation to prevent Alates enter the house
  • Protect wood surfaces by sealing cracks and crevices
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